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When Timing and Opportunity Meet, Anything is Possible!
ARIIX is the perfect vehicle to change the direction of your life. They've already create 57 millionaires in 8 short years and their just getting started! 
ARIIX was created July 4, 2011 because the 7 owners were tired of seeing time after time top leaders getting terminated from their companies for no good reasons or the compensation plan changed to benefit the company. The industry needed to be disrupted and over time it will change. In the process of doing this over the past 8-years many companies have decided to merge with ARIIX on the same mission. 

Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO of ARIIX and his teams goal is to become the largest Network Marketing company in the world in 1/3 the time. 
Company Facts:
  • 7 Owners and Operators
  • ​​​Representatives "Bill of Rights"
  • ​Brand Strategy with 8 Unique Brands
  • ​4 Lifestyle Perks / Reward Programs 
  • ​3 Patents on ACTIV8 Compensation Plan
  • Shipping into 37 Countries
  • 12 International Offices
  • ​8 Years Old, Launched July 4, 2011
  • ​2019 Projected Sales, $300 Million!
Getting Started:
Here's the bottom line. Become a rep for $34.95 (US) which pays for the BOS (Business Orientation System). Then activate with 200 points worth of products. Then set-up a 100 point auto-delivery every 28 days to maintain your business. Remember this is all a write-off.

You have 4-6 weeks to achieve a higher business level by purchasing more products or selling any of the products to customers.

You'll earn a 30% retail profit plus the points will go towards your upgrade. 

I will be notified immediately via email and will be in contact with you to give you access to my training platform, the and help you with your plan.
Unleash Your Human Potential For Good!
You can also call/text Rick Billings directly at 407-733-3502